Quality Management ISO


WTG activity about quality management systems, ISO certificate: The implementation of a quality management system in an enterprise strengthens its ability to provide product/service that corresponds consequently to the requirements of its customers and which is arranged with the legal and lawful requirements, where this is essential.

The implementation of ISO 9001:2008 model in the daily practical operation of an organization aims to:

  • Increase confidence to the customer that the product/service that was provided to him is conformed to the specifications that were asked.
  • Ensure that the delivery of products to the customer meets the requirements that have been agreed between him and the company.
  • The implementation of continuous improvement meters aiming at the satisfaction of not only present but also future requirements of its customers.

The main benefits of implementing and certifying such a system are:

  • Strategic advantage against the competitors.
  • Better administrative control.
  • Transparency in the application of processes of the enterprise.
  • Reliability against the customers and the suppliers.
  • Continuous improvement.
Quality Management ISO

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