Energy Management

What is ISO 50001?

ISO 50001 is an internationally recognized system for energy management, which ensures that the organizations that implement it, have established processes for the proper management of energy within them.

Why do I need it?

As businesses become increasingly environmentally sensitive and energy costs are continually rising, the application of ISO 50001 may be a low cost tool to demonstrate to interested parties such as their customers, that energy efficiency is paramount to them in an attempt to rescue the mineral resources of the earth and to reduce costs.

The Standard

This standard specifies the requirements for an energy management system, so that an organization can develop and implement a policy and so that it  recognizes important aspects of energy consumption and set goals of reducing energy use.

The energy management system has a similar structure to that of the ISO 14001 standard. Organizations that have already implemented or are planning to implement ISO 14001, can consolidate the requirements of the two  management systems and ensure a more productive implementation process, more benefits and the added value of a management system in the form of reduced energy costs.

ISO 50001 is suitable for any organisation – whatever sector, size or geographical location. It is particularly relevant for the operation of an energy intensive industry or for the operation of a multi-branch business that functions from multiple sites using a high amount of energy.

Certification Benefits

The certification of energy management systems of a business or  organization  from an independent certification body, ensures all interested parties that it applies the best possible practices in energy management.

Energy Management

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