Food Safety

On September 2005, International Organization for Standardization (ISO) issued the first international Standard ISO 22000:2005, that sets all the guidelines and requirements for the implementation of a Food safety management system. This Standard replaced the nationalFood Safety Standards concerning a system related to HACCP.

The requirements of this Standard, can be implemented by all organizations that are related to food chain (production, selling and distributing food, animal feed, retail, catering, as well as organizations that offer services or supply equipment, packaging materials, cleaning equipment, additives e.t.c.).The advantages of gaining certification against ISO 22000:2005 for an organization are the following:

  • Clear communication channels throughout the food chain.
  • Traceability: Recognition on food safety in food chain.
  • Control / reduction of the hazards related to food safety.
  • Shows compliance to legal and regulatory requirements for food safety.
  • Reduced expenses through the implementation of an effective Management System.
  • Easy transition from certification against other Standards.
  • Internal processes improvement.
Food Safety

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