Learning Services Management System

Learning Services Management System

ISO 29990:2010 Learning Services Management System

In recent years there has been increasing emphasis in education worldwide. The control of the provided education and thus its improvement are of main importance for businesses that provide continuous training to their employees. Key tool for those organizations is ISO 29990:2010, the new International Standard.

ISO 29990:2010 standard aims to improve the quality of non-formal education services and the in-house training of the organizations (inside or outside the premises of the organization).

As non-formal education is defined any kind of organized form of education aimed at a specific audience, that is not part of the formal education system. In this category belong organizations such as Out-of-school and out-of-university Educational Programs, Adult Educational Centers, Private Universities and Colleges, Dance Studios, Conservatories, etc. Moreover, as non-formal education is also regarded the in-house training, which takes place with the conducting of educational programs. Characteristic of non-formal education is the acquirement of a certification recognized nationally.

ISO 29990:2010 standard is a valuable tool not only for the organizations that are already certified to ISO 9001 standard but also for those organizations that do not implement a quality management system yet. ISO 29990:2010 can be a guideline for their sector specific quality management, as well as for the management of resources, finances and risk.

It is not implied that ISO 29990:2010 is going to replace ISO 9001 for education service providers. On the contrary, ISO 29990:2010 contains similar elements to ISO 9001, but it focuses mainly on the design of education processes. As such, it is a useful supplement but not a replacement.

Benefits that derive of the certification according to ISO 29990:2010 standard:

  • Systematic improvement in the quality of education services provided
  • Transparency in learning services
  • Increase the competitive ability of any service provided
  • Transparent analysis of the present program
  • Development of an effective learner-centered training
  • Focus on the needs of learners
  • Measurable results in the evaluation of education services
  • Continuous monitoring and control of learning processes
  • International recognition and development through the implementation of a globally recognized standard

Education contributes to business growth. That is why ISO 29990:2010 standard constitutes a competitive advantage for any organization that applies its principles.

Learning Services Management System

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