Certification of Photovoltaic Facilities

EN 62446:2009: Certification of Photovoltaic Facilities

EN 62446:2009 (also available as IEC 62446:2009) defines the minimal information and documentation required to be handed over to a customer following the installation of a grid connected PV system. Also describes the minimum commissioning tests, inspection criteria and documentation expected to verify the safe installation and correct operation of the system. Is written for grid connected PV systems only.
The implementation and certification of a photovoltaic facility can offer many advantages such as:

  • Insurance of the investment and the high quality of facility
  • Maximisation of the investment return and benefit for the investor-client.
  • Increase of the investment credibility against third parties
  • Confirmation of the proper implementation of the technical studies and installations
  • Prove in practice the construction and deliverance of high quality projects.
Certification of Photovoltaic Facilities

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