Energy Management

What is ISO 50001? ISO 50001 is an internationally recognized system for energy management, which ensures that the organizations that implement it, have established processes for the proper management of energy within them. Why do I need it? As businesses become increasingly environmentally sensitive and energy costs are continually rising, the application of ISO 50001 […]

Environmental Management

ISO 14000 series of standards, encourages all participated organizations, to identify and standardize their environmental impact resulting from their products and services. The core of the ISO 14000 series of standards is ISO 14001. ISO 14001 standard was completed and originally released on the September 1st, 1996 and is now the most recognized standard for […]

Food Safety

On September 2005, International Organization for Standardization (ISO) issued the first international Standard ISO 22000:2005, that sets all the guidelines and requirements for the implementation of a Food safety management system. This Standard replaced the nationalFood Safety Standards concerning a system related to HACCP. The requirements of this Standard, can be implemented by all organizations […]

Quality Management ISO

WTG activity about quality management systems, ISO certificate: The implementation of a quality management system in an enterprise strengthens its ability to provide product/service that corresponds consequently to the requirements of its customers and which is arranged with the legal and lawful requirements, where this is essential. The implementation of ISO 9001:2008 model in the […]

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